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Transport > London UK Transport Information
London Underground ( London Tube ), Overland Train & London Bus Information: Fares, Travel Cards, Oyster Cards, Timetables, Zones, Underground Maps, Bus Maps, Thames River Maps, London Underground Maps.

London Underground
The best way to get around London is to purchase either a Visitor Oyster Card (our recommended option) or a Visitor Travel Card either before or on arrival in London. (Use this link to decide which is the better option for you - Oyster or Visitor Travel Card.)

Both options allow unlimited travel on both Bus and Tube and Overland Train in London and London environs. The Oyster card however is by far the preferred option. The Oyster is a plastic credit smartcard that you use instead of paper tickets and you top it up with 'pay as you go' credit at literally tens of thousands of shops including most newsagents in and around London. It simplicity and ease of use is that it is valid across all travel zones and automatically calculates the best value fare for all the journeys you make in a single day.You can use your Visitor Oyster card on any of London’s buses, trams, Tube, DLR, London Overground and National Rail services, and also use it for discounted fares on TfL River Services.

Find out about OYSTER CARDS here:


London Busses
(updated 15 January 2012)
A bus journey - on the one bus - on the particular route the bus travels on - is currently £2.30 (cash - or only £1.35 if using an Oyster Card) - but if you have to change your bus 2 -3 times to get to your destination and do this on a return journey it will be £2.30 (cash) each time - so the cost is quite horrific. It is strongly recommended that you buy a weekly bus/train oyster card which is capped at £4.20 per day usage or a bus pass which is £18.80 per week. As well, bus drivers HATE giving change and in many cases now simply don't carry change as everyone uses an Oyster or Travel Card or Bus pass, so if you use cash you MUST always have the exact change.

Oyster Cards:
As previously mentioned we STRONGY recommend that you purchase an OYSTER CARD for travel in and around London as it is an absolutely seamless payment system that offers by far the best and most economical way to pay for your rail transport on either Bus, Tube and National Rail. Oyster Card is what 95% of Londoners and commuters into London use.
Pre-buy Visitor Oyster Card before departure here:

Travel Cards
The present (2012) Zone 1-6 offpeak travel card is £8.50 per day and £53.40 per week if you buy it on arrival in London. This allows you unlimited travel on any bus route and any train route (tube or overland) within greater London. You can also prepurchase your Travel Card prior to arrival.
Pre-buy Visitor Travel Card before departure here:

London Underground Fares:
Fares: London Underground (Tube) Oyster and Travel Cards:

London UnderGround Tube Map
London Underground Tube Map

Bus and Tram Fares
Fares: Bus and Tram

National Rail Fares
Fares: National Rail

National Rail Fares Map
National Rail Fares Map

London Bus Maps
Central London Day Bus Map
Central London Night Bus Map
South East London Bus Map
South West London Bus Map
North East London Bus Map
North West London Bus Map

London Docklands Light Railway (DLR)
A modern light railway system that seamlessly links London's version of skyscraper central in the new Docklands/Canary Wharf area and London City Airport with the Tube & Rail Track through the new Jubilee Line. The DLR starts at Bank Station in the City or Tower Hill Station. (Tower Gateway). If taking the Tube (Jubilee line), change at Canary Wharf for the DLR to get to the Cutty Sark, Maritime Museum, and Greenwich Observatory (where time begins) at Greenwich.

London River Services

Want a great value day out sightseeing on the River Thames? London Transport also operates River Thames boat services, providing both regular commuter services along the Thames, or for visitors, a great day out if you take the regular scheduled services upstream to Greenwich or downstream to beautiful Richmond and on to stunning Hampton Court Palace.


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